The fentons were seen as crackpots in their college days, with their outrageous proposal of completely immersible virtual reality games. However, now FentonWorks is the leading company for it, allied with their old college friend and millionaire investor Vlad masters and producing game after game, getting closer and closer to a complete alternate virtual reality. Danny, their son and rather good at technological tinkering himself, plays a lot of the games, and has gained some internet friends through the endeavor, although he has yet to meet them. He gets him and his friends to participate as part of the beta group for the new game to be released known as The Ghost Zone, where one can play as ghost or ghost hunter. When Danny tries at starting the game with a new platform that Vlad had given him to test, it short circuits during the avatar scan and encodes him as part of the game, making him capable of triggering his avatar form in reality. It helps a lot as the monsters from The Ghost Zone begin crawling out of holes in the program into reality, and he must fight them in real life while his friends race to patch the holes in the program in-game.

Oops I accidentally came up with a full blown au idea woops