Day 4: fight


anywho here’s my entry for fight. While there was a LOT to draw from the canon-verse based on that simple one word prompt, when i thought fight i thought of an au —

Au where Weapons and meisters are hunted down and forced into gladiator competitions ( sort of a future but dark au, think hunger games of modern technology to show the scores and stats of the fighters while they battle it out). The rules of the competition follow “You only win when your oponent is either unconcious or dead”. 

Maka and soul are top fighters in the arena, fighting for their lives, an they are pinned against each other for the first time. However, after a very brutal battle, Soul finds he can’t do it, he can’t kill Maka, because she’s like him.

"I don’t want to fight anymore, do you?" and thus they start a revolution of sorts

yup, too much au for one word prompt woops, so here sa short comic 

(tell me if there’s issues reading, I’ll resize it!)